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Villain... Amazing episode! But why did he choose to fight using a vacuum cleaner? He had his powers back and should've been able to conjure a weapon. Just like he should've been able to conjure a much better weapon against Thanos in the movie ? We haven't seen the true extent of his powers on screen yet, it's well overdue.
Hollywo... "I work hard on youtube"
" but why are youtube people ignoring me"
Aniket ... Its Randy Loki
Sanket ... I watched it on net for free
And marvel says only on Disney+
Eveenia... May the Loki series never end because its already my favorite marvel series
Chaotic... I just want to throw hair dye at 'Lady Loki' so bad. ?
Amir M ... Am i the only one who thinks the dialogs were not same at all???????!!!!! are loki and mobius in a loop?????
89five3... I beg your pardon.
How nice to meet you.
Now if you will excuse me…

Loki is always so polite.
Subhoje... I can't wait for episode 3?
Milliam... we need mobius and loki to ride a jetski together
UT Kend... HELP ME understand the reset charges! I thought that when you activate the reset charge, it prunes that timeline and kinda resets order to the sacred timeline. So when lady Loki steels the reset charges, isn’t she stopping it from resetting that nexus event, thus causing branches to remain un-pruned? And when she bombed the timeline with all those reset charges, how did they create new nexus events when their purpose is to delete nexus events?
You jus... Loki already has the best soundtrack hands down
Alex To... I love this show more than almost anything else in the mcu
Shaquan... the other loki is a girl
Screen ... The first two episodes of the Loki series have been incredible! Looking forward to more chaos! ?
Mateus ... Por enquanto a serie esta sendo uma bosta
Pikachu... Next episodes going to be emotional!! ♥️?
Aayush ... Every Wednesday is filled with Mischief now?!!!!!!
Armando... I’m loving these series.
Varnika... Well it wasn't just the sacred timeline but also my mind, heart, soul that got bombed at that instant
God this series is going to be super amazing.