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MVP Kral: take a look at Raven Protocol it is a decentralized and distributed deep-learning training protocol and very undervalued.
?ki karde? Atakan Berat: Hi, I'm new to crypto. Can you please suggest a good app or site where i could buy HAB tokens or eth? I live in USA
Ali Can Koç: Interesting Dirham
Türk müzik: Great Dirham video. I bought some HAB tokens
Muhti?im ?kililer: An old gypsy said, btc would drop to 7,000 and jump to 9,000
Do?ukan Akdemir: Another day...another pump! Yawn...gee, i am waiting for another dip opportunity! Ohhh, well...
EHT SsuSsKun: HAB token to the mooooooooooon
Renklerin Dünyas?: Still not sure if its Bull or Bear?
Batuhan Bozkurt: Nice Dirham video dude!
paparazzi: Awesome Dirham video!
bilal bingül: Thanks for your video about Dirham !
Ayhan Tv: world changing times ...
Simulation BusDriver & SBD: Can you do a video on how to stake on marlin. It seems very confusing
?simsiz ADAM: If I could get a 100x I'm retired early 30's!
denem dneme: Sold my toaster for btc
?JR? ?JOKER: BTC to 200K before 2022 ?
Marjinal Beyfendi: Btc doesn't have enough use cases. I always said ethereum will be the winner longterm.
taha k?vanç demir: Thanks for the HAB.
ELECTUS YT: I am subscribed, for a long time now. I look forward to watching your intros, they put a smile on my face to start the day. I obviously appreciate your content
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