BRUTAL PACK v10 Yet Another Hell Castle 100% SECRETS Martinoz

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Martino... Secret 1 - 08:30

Secret 2 - 08:50

Secret 3 - 10:20

Secret 4 - 12:20
BRUTAL PACK is a little bit harder version of the Brutal Doom with introduction of Shoulder Cannon together with a Flamethrower known from DOOM Eternal, both weapons incredibly useful and do not use ammo at all. There are also small changes when it comes to a normal arsenal, we've got a heavy rifle that deals more damage but is way more difficult to control and it shoots in semi-automatic manner, plus it has a nice zoom for aiming. Your standard Assault Rifle fire in three round bursts, it also has no option for ADS - the rifle seems to be more difficult to control than in Brutal Doom for sure, but it is your starting weapon so you gonna have to use it for some time. The Rocket Launcher has the most changes so far as I've noticed - the alternate fire launches a guided missile that searches for the closest enemy to hit, it also can serve as the grenade launcher when press a secondary fire. It is also so far the most damaging weapons so far as I've noticed when playing Brutal Pack, a lot of enemies die really quickly to it plus it has insane splash damage, just don't use Grenade Launcher mode by mistake as I did, kek. The Plasma Rifle has another mode called "FIRE" and it fires a red projectiles that simply burn your enemies, they are incredibly powerful and high damage dealing tool, heck even the Plasma Rifle in normal mode is still very powerful. Other weapons like basic pistol, Chainsaw, Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Minigun are the same, I haven't only found the BFG on this level but it has an alternate fire mode that works only in proximity of you and consumes 20 cells per charge. Unfortunately the mod in its current state has some performance issues as you can see, the projectiles of Imps or Mancubi can be really consuming while playing as it suddenly stutters, the blood and its quantity can also be the case. As for the map itself, a Castle in the middle of lava with over 360+ monsters that you have to eliminate, map is divided in few places that you have to pass through and collect keys, ambushes are very common here, especially with Revenants. It is good for you to grab as many secrets as possible because only from such places you can find a Megasphere quite early together with an only Backpack, and Saves are useful because final bridge from switched stopped for no reason to me once.
AAAscre... that's awesome
Warrior... those sprite works are amazing
Mario G... ha? what?
Kaled M... Thank you for trying the current beta of Brutal Pack V10! JTC3 and his team worked so hard on making this version of the beta and I hope to look out for more updates in the future.
david r... Cool game peaceful
Shawn M... Love your videos keep up
Shiori... Holy shit I didn't know Brutal Pack was out yet, unless this is a private beta of sorts