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The Hyundai IONIQ 5 is an electric mid size crossover built on the dedicated EVatform called E GMP. Hyundai boasts Smart Living Space interior design, and eco friendly materials, as well as next generation rapid charging. At first glance the IONIQ 5 look
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????: Going to need wider roads and parking spaces for the ever-increasing size of these 'cars of the future'.
Kevin Theys: I expected it to be as big as a 5d hatchback... but when I drove past one yesterday, the car looked huge!

Shame that the bezels of the screens look white, gives it a cheap samsung phone look of 2013
Andrew K. NI: Electric cars mean little more than "white goods" to me. Acceleration alone is just not enough. Also let's see some classic styling which makes a car attractive, not more boxy designs. At my age, I doubt I will ever have to buy one. Thank goodness.
bojan pislevski: love the title
Nikola Runjavec: Wow very nitpicky review focusing on a lot of irrelevant stuff. I prefer the recent british reviews of this car emphasising all the cool stuff in imaginative and fun way. This review is very cold.
WJ Wong: I don't like the column transmission stalk on Ioniq 5, EV6 has a more interesting interior with curved display
MK KM: The charging speed makes this a road trippable car. That's pretty much all that an EV needs to be better than an ICE car. Of course this is only true if you have a plug at home. Before people get all keyboard-warrior-y in the comments, the alternative is a Tucson or a Tiguan or some such - none of which are particularly memorable.
Lukasz Lewczuk - Music / Drive / Touring: "Minecraft Golf" - perfect ! :-) Thx & best regards !
Radu B.: The future is here! And it's full of... past.

For a car with a floor mounted battery, this Ioniq 5 is quite top heavy.
I'm not sure they've figured it out.
Hyundai is intriguing... Modern looks and classic clockwork.
Alin Banc: Thank you for the uk / Poland flag!
Jaimee Mather: Another excellent video. A very exciting time to be interested in cars……So much innovation coming with electric cars
vlad612: Holy shit, that moose test!
Nigel Old & Grey: The most "negative" review I've seen of the ionic so far, most reviewers have been gushing about this car
rocketdreamer: I think it's fine. Indeed price plays a role and you can accept less as long as proportionate to the cash shed vs competition. I am less there for unproficient ADAS.
We are getting there believe it or not, will it or not, and the pace is quite fast: expect long leap forward soon, in the background I seem its all set. The market will have its final hit when 5/600 km range will be a bottom figure for a mid premium car. 2/3 years the most.
Tom: Marek can you tell diference in moose test with other two ton monsters you tested before if you try it with them...
Marra: It's a bit odd that the design is so simple and clean compared to the Tucson and Bayon. I like the boxy design, however "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
Didier Gras: FYI, IONIQ 5 vs TESLA MODEL Y... :
Tesla great job, max speed, range especially leveraging its shape and weight. Still prefer, being in Europe, comfort. 99% of my trips are within 200kms one way. With the Hyundai IONIQ 5, I do look forward to ventilated seats, Android Auto, the roomy and comfortable interior, and HUD. Also like reclining seats with foot rest and reclining console for arms rest, all electronic aids especially against collisions, automated parking (Executive version), blind spot cams on dashboard when turning, V2L, sun shades integrated in back doors, electric sunroof shade, wide space available inside with good visibility through the back window etc.
And the obviously efficient 400V to 800V internal battery inverter for fast charging. Also 5 year car warranty illimited kms (Max 80 000 for Tesla... Reliability issues?), and 8 year battery warranty (same as Tesla).

Comment by Park Shawn translating from Korean to English this video :
Ionic 5 LR and Model Y LR both have similar spec including weight, battery sizes. Details can be found on google. Here are some highlights from the conclusion they brought up at the end of the video. 1. Both car's AVG speed were about 100KM/h (Highway drive) 2. Both car's A/C and other convenience functions(like Highway drive assistance for Ionic 5, Auto Pilot for Model Y and etc.) were always on during the test. 3. 4 drivers drove about 100km per person and checked the remaining battery at designated location. 4. Both car have shown slightly poor battery performance than usual because of the weather condition (rain) 5. By just looking at the specification, Model Y can drive 141km more than Ionic 5. However the actual drive test have shown that the difference were only about 60~70km. This experiment have shown that IONIC 5's driving range is little longer than what Hyundai advertised. 6. They have concluded that both Ionic 5 and Model Y can drive from Seoul to Busan. The distance between those two cities are about 350km. Hope this helps.
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