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Chapters for your convenience: 0:00 START 00:40 BOX AND UNBOXING 02:35 SPEED BUILD 06:46 FUNCTIONS 08:54 IMPRESSIONS 19:55 FINAL NOTE \'LEGO 60198: Cargo Train\' Unboxing, Parts List, Speed Build & In depth Review by Sariel\'s Bricks & Pets
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Kölle: I don't even like trains, but it's a video by Sariel, so no question, I'll watch it ;)
Plopi Ninety Six: The best RC train set imo. It's so dang functional...!
Oscar Scheepstra: This brings me so much nostalgia! I got the 4563 set when I was a kid, and it was by far one of my favorite sets. I also had a train crossing and extra tracks. :D
Jamie Wharram: Nice to see a train review, thankyou :-)
luis jimenez: They included shiey on the set as the shady guy xd
king balloon : i have a feeling sariel liked the shady guy more than the entire set itself
WizardOfOss: This was an expensive set, but here in the Netherlands only a few months after release the price dropped to around €130, and never went up again. That seems like a pretty good deal for everything you get.

The one thing I keep wondering: what does Lego do with all of the right-hand switches they don't put in a set? And obviously it's a shame Lego hardly does anything with trains anymore. Every few years 2 new train sets, the bare minimum of track sets (and who needs all those curved tracks?), and nothing else. As a kid of the '80s, when Lego even had a separate catalog for their trains, I think this is just sad. And the kids I know still love trains...
Johnny GearBot3000: They need to make more Lego steam trains. ?
Jsteel Spy: I didn’t see this one coming but stil a nice review as alsways
legor17: Well actually, there are forklifts where the rear wheels are significantly smaller than the front ones- a quick image search brings up quite the variety.
MrsGozdzikova: There was set 4552 that had a crane before this one FYI
Cyrcus 12: te "pługi" w lokomotywie (prawidlowa nazwa zgarniacze) są w realu po obu stronach lokomotywy, troszkę czepialstwo ;)
T G: Actually Lego in 2006 released 7898 Cargo Train Deluxe, which had crane too
Ian Parkinson: Why the gloves?
????? ???????: Why you in gloves?
nicks bricks: One of the best RC train sets LEGO has released by far
Ted SCSI: No mention about safety issues? Travelling on a log cart the way the shady guy do might be dangerous to his health / life / plastic structure.
?????: Oh wow the latest Lego trains are already three years old. Man how the time passes.

In my opinion it is a stupid decision to include only one switch. If you decide to use it, you can only build a dead end, which you'll have to stop and reverse the train out of. And if you decide not to use it, you'll have the most boring track possible.
I think, in a starter set, which this one is, because at this price you're not gonna buy something else just to have a complete thing, there should always be at least two switches.
EDIT: I totally forgot to mention: I guess it's nice we get a buffer stopper though. Has there ever been one in a Lego trains set before?

(When I inherited my dad's ancient Lego trains stuff, there were four switches. And a 90° crossing. I could build a figure-eight that was also a figure-zero. And I'm certain they were all from the same set of track pieces, because there was an instruction for that exact layout.)
yellowcat fud: if you can find the Maersk train for a reasonable price, new or used, get it. Well worth it in my opinion. Mine looks weird next to the old BNSF set, but might blend in better with newer sets.
Hunor Humorzsák: You didnt show and review the performance of the train when it runs on the track because its full rc ?
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