HOW to buy HERO tokens on Pancakeswap - #LECIMY

Here is a tutorial video on How To buy HERO on Pancakeswap if you see \'price impact too high\' message. Now you can get your hero tokens easily! Happy investing Remember, keep your seed phrase safe and secure and never show it to anyone! Even your neigh
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Omar Barrios: And slippage 4.5% always works for me
Ricardo Parada: Niiiceee?????
La Barrake: ?????? 5$ end 2021
Radek Ptasinski: Nice!
PaQ Shaman Music: Thanks
shemeer S: best project on binance smart chain
LOGAN BECKER: #beyourownhero
Manman: How to sell tho?
SAFEMILLIONS: Best project in the world
Windgencynt: To nie moja bajka. Kiedyś nagrywałeś fajne materiały zmieniające ludzie. Teraz usunąłeś wszystkie te filmy zamiast założyć drugi kanał...
Market Crypto: #Metahero. Be your own Heru. Easily the biggest project in crypto IMO.
Musa Dumakude: Thank you for this video tutorial, I have lost a lot of my HERO tokens on exchange because they charged me 350 HERO tokens whenever I made a withdrawal to my MetaMask wallet.

MetaMask has been giving me error messages for over a week now when trying to buy HERO tokens, but I just bought more HERO now after disabling the Multi-Hop button.

Thanks again, I wish this video tutorial came out sooner.
Elberth Caldas de Souza: Hi guys. I got buy some hero tokens as i learned in the video , but my coins are decresing( trust Wallet) instead of increase , as hero are deflacionary,... Can someone Help me ...what can i do to solve this problem...
Elberth Caldas from Brazil
Kas: Buyers beware, a small portion of your tokens will be taken off your wallet on a regular basis and they will give your tokens to the new holders. This is not mentioned in the white paper or the tokenomics. My tokens have decreased and have not gained anything.
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