Best Way to do Avenger Defense | XCOM 2 Modded Legend 2021 Campaign | Part 64 - Marbozir

Wee to 2 Modded Legend 2021 Campaign!aying with War of the Chosen (obviously), Legend difficulty (duh) and a whole lot of mods, listed below. Mod list: You can also find me on: Discord: Patreon: Twitch: Twitter:
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The Punchable Face: Perfectly balanced.
Kree Commando: Do more hive autopsies. It will give you more options for the hive armour like wings or an acid canon
John Doe: Something tells me a nuke was involved...

Haven’t watched video yet. ?
Milamber Puc: No one would expect 2 nukes its gonna be Glorious
Kevin L.: Killing the Sectopod was actually a good move. The death explosion killed the rest of the pod because the nuke had already worn them down a little.
J Kole: Saw the thumbnail ?
Left a like
And then I dipped ?‍♂️ ?
hueheuhuehBR: It's time marbs, you have to use 3 nukes in a single mission. Bring out the balanced rockets!!
JC Denton: Imagine my disappointment to find my daily fix is only 15min :D
Bonny Junior: i give the highest score: NUKE/10
Bonny Junior: 13:52 CHOSEN INFORMATION X1 - Cause of dead, SHOTGUN TO THE FACE and grave case of LEAD POISONING
Mikhail Marquez: The aliens attacking the Avenger in a desperate attemp to stop Marbz progress........he nukes their asses off of his ship
D C: That nuke is way too OP. Kind of kills the fun of the game IMO. This is supposed to be a tactical turn based strategy game. Moving up a few tiles and clearing one of the more fun missions in the game with a nuke takes all of the skill/strategy out of it.
Jupi: Do you plan to playXCOM 2 long war of the chosen?
Pawel Koczorowski: Mods dont work for me on steam. Please help ?
Abbadoss: NUKES IS THE THING! XD that was fun to watch Marbzi XD
Shepard-Commander: whats avenger defense ? all i seen was avenger offense...
74 g: Chosen Information: They're still dead ayy lmao
Julia Henriques: This is the most accurate representation of a combat between aliens and a human defence force. If they can't deal with nukes, they'd better think twice about messing with Earth...
Raor _: watched last episode and thought Marbs forgot about the Repear cheeze for this mission, then watched this: "Oh"
A J Taylor: Really careless of them advent building relay on top of a gas main. One stray shot and boom - there it goes.
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