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Watch 14 year old kid singer Dylan Zangwill on America\'s Got Talent 2021 (AGT), as he wows Simon Cowell with his amazing Queen cover. Check out his amazing audition and the judge\'s reactions. What did you think about his audition?? Let us know in theent
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MFK 88: Masya Allah
animo amigo sanjo?¹???: I really² cherished that moment when my notification pops-up & says "someone liked ur comment & u have a new subscriber"?memorable & pierced it for life, WISH U ALL THE BEST IN LIFE AS U DESERVE IT A?I OWE U THAT!??PLS DO REMEMBER TO STAY SAFE ON WHEREVER U ARE AT ALL COST AS I GIVE U MY FULL SUPPORT ON WHATEVER U ASPIRE TO, PLS DO TRUST IN GOD SO HE BLESS U MORE & MORE??☝????
Jml blogs: If you like this comment you will be able to sing and you’ll be able to go to America’s got talent all the way to the live show???
mike raslan: ❤️?
Mary J Black: She's humble ? I'M NOT A FAN OF TALKING ABOUT MYSELF THAT MUCH I Love her already ❤
X Raba Material: Wooow this is so amazing ....can't stop watching this video..
Soo incredible.....
XRaba Material loves this...Uganda. Loves you
Helen Tsegay: I do not rlly like it?
Go Away: Amazing young man!
Julio Cesar & Rangel: Sensacional canal top galeraaa ( :
Akeeliah Black: Hi
Ms. RL Steele: He is so darn cute.
Travel With Us!: She cover of Queen Amazes Simon Cowell ?
Bukky Shittu: Really great Performance, I love you so much my Sweet Angel #simoncowell so much.
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Juan carlos Gomez: Excellent 10
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