Skyper Don&039;t Forget - Skyper

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Peachu91: i am happy my friend showed me your music ?
G4bbyz: hOL UP, is that you singing? If so, your voice is just like an angel's one.
Official Patres: This song makes me cry..Very beautiful work❤❤the end of the song is perfect as you changed those 3 chords there .. very good work
MiaItzCute: YES! A new song! ❤️
Midnight Sarrow 160: Def cant forget this music
Too good for that
?Sonia Nevermind?: Didn't expect less. Never will
Lost KnightShark: Wow new song from skyper??
G4bbyz: Anyways, the song itself is a *masterpiece*. Everything in it sounds soooo good! Also, I love the way how you put your profile picture when the song ends. Love it!

Man did this make my day happier..
Take care bud, wish ya lots of hugs and love. ❤❤
??x[?? MariMarily?]x??: cool!!l love this~omg????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rita Baroud Nassif: Man I’m so happy to see this I threw up two times today and this makes me so much better
TOVI: I love this music
Gabriella Rakeeb: Yup, sounds awesome as always.
Also, idk if it's just me but this song sounds calming
DJ CoA?: I swear- this sounds so much better.
♡♡your music sounds so good everytime.
Keep it up☆
Tøxic: This is amazing!!
Mysterious Person 71: Skyper this song is amazing. Good job. five stars for you. :) Never give up on you're dreams or talent.
F-chan: This is a masterpiece ✨
xAl2Sx Or Aless: Your music make me so emotional ?
vixy blackpaws: Its so nice to listen to its a beautiful song
DTB: fire?
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