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Megan Fox recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and eained that she hallucinated about being in Hell for eternity after taking Ayahuasca during a trip to Costa Rica. In this video, I discuss whether or not Megan Fox could have actually visited Hell d
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Chad Rasmussen: Good video bro
Alexander Rowe: HI will we see are family members in heaven bye we wait for a thousand years time for a new earth??
Pirate king: I remember I had one terrified dream of hell it wasn't like what they explained on the internet the whole thing was terrifying cuz the people who were in hell knew they're time was up
Blake Hopper: I thought we were already in Hell? Humm....
John John covington: We must trust the Bible and the Bible only over people's experiences!!? AMEN! Hell will be a real event that will take place on earth at the end of the thousand years millennium. ?
Elkanah: I heard the unadulterated truth for the first time in The Seventh Day Adventist. I knew I came to the right place. I don't normally sleep in church but that day an evil breeze of sleep overwhelmed me in the beginning of the service but because JESUS CHRIST wants to speak to me, I was renewed with strength from on high. I Thank GOD for giving us JESUS CHRIST and the HOLYSPIRIT.
Jacob Tennyson: The Bible is always right.

What happens when you die...

1. People who accepted Jesus Christ (The Seal of God) before their deaths in Sheol (grave). We will await in the grave (sleep) for a long while until Jesus's return to pick us up and be taken into heaven (New Jerusalem) along with the remaining living in Christ for 1,000 years (FIRST). Then after the judgement and hellfire for the wicked dead, all incorruptible Christians will be enter the new heaven and New Earth. And the right to the Tree of Life and live forever in Christ Jesus.

2. People who died in the sins will be sleep in Sheol (grave) for a long while. The living wicked who took the Mark of the Beast will be destroyed by the Brightness of the Lord. All the Earth will be burned into a cinder. Lucifer will be bound the chained (As a in prisoner on the burnt Earth for 1,000 years.) After a 1,000 years, as Lucifer gather all of the wicked dead to wage war against Jesus. Jesus will be in His Great White Throne of Judgment and cast all the wicked dead, That includes Death and Hades into the Lake of Fire (Hell) until they are burned up into nothingness. The Bible calls it the Second Death THE END!

The Bible is always right. Agree to the Gospels NOW!
DJ Stomped Satan: "Unlocking Bible Prophecies" is really a great channel too guys so check it out...its really good like he says!
Stacey Roland: Acts ch 2 v38 Then Peter said unto them Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the HOLY GHOST Amen.thank you lord Jesus for saving me.
Nirky: Megan needs to watch this video and also visit / and look up a lot of scriptures.
Enquire Stapleton: These celebrities need Jesus for real
Super Luigi Odyssey: Amen
Alex Tarasov: Why can't burning in hell mean that the hellfire is burning away your sin and cleansing you so you can enter heaven after your sin is "burned up"? Disprove universalism to me. Although Satan and his demons won't be making it to heaven because they already been there ;)
Susan Parker: 0tlk6
Malea Newborn: I disagree with ya about hell. God is just. And Heaven is forever, eternal. So in turn I think it makes sense that Hell is also eternal. The Bible says this plainly. When a sinner hears that hell does NOT last forever, I think that encourages them to say things like “see ya in hell!” Or “hell ain’t gonna be so bad”. Yes I’ve heard that. Lol. I don’t think we should encourage a belief that the Bible does not clearly state. The evidence that hell is eternal far outweighs any of these theories. Besides, it doesn’t matter if hell only lasted a single day, the pain described in the Bible is heart wrenching. The great gulf between heaven and hell and being cut off from God? One day would be enough to steer us away. But the Lord gave me a vision, which is what sparked my getting saved, that was so terrifying and vivid that I’m convinced this was no dream. I had bad dreams the entire week leading up to this of demons torturing me. The final day, actually it was only less than 15 minutes in the early morning, my life was changed forever. The night before I sobbed on my mom’s front porch, screaming and asking of what was I missing? Why can’t I do it or get it right? Why do I feel like praying does not work? Etc. well He showed me the next morning! It would take an hour to describe all the things I saw there. But I know I was not in hell. The Bible clearly tells us it is appointed to man ONCE to die and then the judgement. You do not go to heaven or hell before death and all that has to happen. But I digress. My point being, I have no plans to find out personally about hell. And I think YOU saying God would be sadistic? That it would be a bad rule? Not for you to judge sir. And yes it’s a sinners choice. We all are offered the free gift of eternal life! If they do not choose Jesus then they are evil just as any other unsaved in Gods eyes. I would be careful saying things like that about the Lord. How’s it a punishment if you simply cease to exist?? That doesn’t make sense
Marvin Molina: This is just deceiving , feel so bad for this beautiful human been , I think she is blind and dont know what shes talking about , thats what you get for leaving with a devil him self , repent repent MEGAN safe your soul and of your little ones too
Dan Hanna: Nobody is in Heaven or Hell yet.
JOHN ISRAEL: She was definitely high on mushrooms. Knew of someone with the same "testimony"
Bible Flock Box: We don't need to go on an ayahuasca trip to discover what Hell is all about. Just read the Bible. Everything God wants us to know about Hell is in the Bible.

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