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PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 together with Vow of Vengeance WAD by Bri on the Man and a Half difficulty level, Chaotic Random spawn preset, 100% Secrets achieved. Project Brutality 3.0 is an uing version of one of the best available mods for the classic Doom e
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Joshua C: Awsome just awsome
Hampter: it's called "I'll give you my Argent soul literally and figuratively"
Autisic Weeb: You want a piece of me? AHHH
oh and also you can just press offend to get out of transformations. :)
demivelhogy: Horrible graphics
HELL DOOMER: Is very cool!
Scott Curtis: Saturday Fun Run. Great way to start the morning. EPIC!!!
Martinoz: MAP01 Invocation - 00:00

MAP02 Caves Of The Insidious - 08:45

MAP03 Bludgeoned To Hell - 14:30

MAP04 Only The Brave - 20:15

MAP05 Empire Of Bloodshed - 28:05
Vow of Vengeance is a beautiful and quick WAD that consists five quite difficult levels to complete, most of them take less than 10 minutes to be finished, but oh boy they can really be troublesome for you to play. First of all, maps basically throw at you the toughest monsters in the really difficult situations in not always so open spaces where your movement is restricted, it is advised to simply run and shoot whenever possible. Second it is quite mandatory for you to grab as many secrets as possible to simply survive - first level has Megaarmor, Plasma Rifle, BFG and Soulsphere hidden in secret areas, without them level is way harder to be completed. As expected, when you have almost nothing to start with but your Assault Rifle and Pistol, you must find as many great weapons as possible, I had tons of luck to grab basic BFG in the first level instead of cursed BH Generator. Same goes with the addon weapons I've loaded to play with - Commander Shotgun that has multiple ammunition types including the white phosphorus and explosive (but not found by me), Paingiver with homing missiles and good old reliable HMG. Heavy Machine Gun is a god-like weapon because it's a fast firing weapon using common rounds, with 80 of them in drum you will wreck damage to anything in your path, with Quad Damage you can easily take down even a Cyberdemon (tested). Paingiver is one of best weapon addons so far I've played, it does not have to be reloaded at all and its alternate fire mode shoots 3 missiles in rapid succession, homing to a crazy extent, just remember to fire it in open areas. This mappack surely demands from you using a Plasma Weapons like Rifle of BFG lots of times, same goes with sending rockets at monsters, lots of areas throw dozens of them at you, scoring 40+ kills in few seconds is not something rare. The final level surely needs a pretty good rig, because it's a large open area map with 350+ monsters at the same time, you can eliminate half of them in first two minutes, also remember that first secret is to be grabbed instantly
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