Final Mission Ending | XCOM 2 Modded Legend 2021 Campaign | Part 68 - Marbozir

Wee to 2 Modded Legend 2021 Campaign!aying with War of the Chosen (obviously), Legend difficulty (duh) and a whole lot of mods, listed below. Mod list: You can also find me on: Discord: Patreon: Twitch: Twitter:
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Cesar Carrera Vasquez: Great campaing! Looking forward for more :D
Paul Illidge: nukes broke this game
Milamber Puc: Certainly a campain to remember Thanks a lot it was a lot of fun.
Unb UnB: Valeu!
Andrei Cineva: 23:43 Yippie-ki-yay ...

Excellent work, Commander.
Solavenator: Great campaign! Every time you'd say "more, more" I couldn't help but think of Kylo Ren in Last Jedi.
camran: Thanks for the series! I really enjoyed this.
Tyra lion: I enjoyed this series very much, and I am looking forward to the next XCOM-Campaign, whatever it will be!!
cough XCOM1 Long War cough
Melissa Blick: XCOM3: TFTD when!? T_T
Rob Johnson: Great campaign, fun to watch and play. Interestingly, I didn't get the nukes and a few other modded weapons you had, instead I brought 2 rocketeers and 2 psinukers, which gave me plenty of explosions to play with!
abel p: when all else fails. just nuke everything
Paulo Cardoso: Obrigado!
Mmfoudel Mmfoudel: "69 mission won". Niceeeeee
Nathan K.: I don't want off Mr. Marbz's wild XCOM ride! But understand he hungers for something new. Thanks for sharing your nuclear wonderland.
AIC AIC: Sorry Marbs, but the highlight of this campaign is sectopod vs hive queen !
DarkAngel: are there any new cool mods for X-Com Chimera Squad?
Kyle DeCamp: Every time that teaser at the end of the initial game plays and that Templar epitaph plays, it only makes me curious about what’s next for the XCOM story. The Elders seemed pretty concerned about “them”, especially since they wanted to be Whole. Come on XCOM 3, don’t leave us hanging
cudbea: You could try xcom legends? It's a just released android version of xcom, set in the same world as xcom 2
Alex: 謝謝!
Alex: Love your content.
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