Kevin De Bruyne goal vs Brazil | ALL THE ANGLES | 2018 FIFA World Cup - FIFATV

The talent Kevin De Bruyne has in that right foot! Enjoy all the angles of the Manchester City man\'s super strike for Belgium against Brazil at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Subscribe to FIFA on YouTube: All The Angles | Incredible FIFA World Cup Goal
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VISHAL SAHU: FIFA uploaded this video very early after the match. Great job.
Loose: The power!!!!
Ahmad Faraz Khan: De bruyne with vicious volley?
Ice FG 05: Brazil ?? always eliminated by European teams since 2006.

Brazil ?? 0-1 ?? France (2006) ❌ in Quarter-finals

Brazil ?? 1-2 ?? Netherlands (2010) ❌ in Quarter-finals

Brazil ?? 1-7 ?? Germany (2014) ❌ in Semi-finals

Brazil ?? 1-2 ?? Belgium (2018) ❌ in Quarter-finals
Muhammad Sabil Ramadhan: Lebih baik dari Bruno Penaldea
Sp Pinki yt ?: '''Let, s pray for those people who doesn't have food to eat on lock down and pray for corona patient"''"????❤️?
Malay Jeena: That was a perfect example of perfect soccer sniping...boom??
Pessi The statpadding merchant: De bruyne > pessidog
Footballerz Vidz: Light: Nothing can be as fast as me
football fan for life: Pavard next please
Huzaifa Khalid: The ball didn't even spin.!!
Huzaifa Khalid: 0:02 lukaku became spectator of the match
??????: GOAT?
Mohd Fahmy: Fantastic triangle De Bruyne-Hazard-Lukaku
ABDULLAH MAHMUD: Pretty average by Marcelo
André D. Silva: Marcação veia feia ?‍♂️
Blue Boys: Goat
Gábor Miklay: One of the goals of the 2018 World Cup! ?
Chirag Agnihotri: It was Marcelo's diffensive error .. He blocked gk view and even running opposite side of the goal post then how he can be able to block it .. And even outside the box he has to go for the tackle because u hv 3 men to recover that tackle and even de bruyne is brilliant passer and excellent shooter but he lack most of the time while dribbling .. These are the analysis u need to know before match ..
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