Nightcore Psychotic - Gyuuki Nightcore

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Blazito: :D
?Kayla Butler ?: Awesome
Cloud Senpai: def worth a like!
Dumke Nadine: :) :∆ amazing Music
Psycho Nightmare: i love it nya
Valt Dela Hoya: God all my fav YouTubers upload at the same time amazing vid ?
HOuRgLaSs: :)
Naila Tusifa: Amazing nightcore ??,good job ??.Nice music ??.
Yvonne Kapambwe: GREAT
Jul-ratina135: Maki???
Feeling the Music: Wonderful as ever❤
DJ MM: Awesome video ?????
Scylla jk: Makima Cutie!
Ahmad Dude: why does this song feels so familiar....
Nightcore Venas: Hi ? please can I ask you something?
Lord of Sadness: Oh god...
olaf gurke: It's Psychotic how good this song is.
Yeah, I feel like that was one of my weakest ones. Sorry.
Asian Mistake: ?
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