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KidBean 123: No
Solange Bull: Eu amo esse programa que bon que retornou gratidão queridos .Tanks
Solange Bull: ????Beautigfull ?????
????tv: ^___________^
Pantea Cz: ❤️from MIZORAM.?
PELIKAMU FILMS: That is talent!!!
Arnold Villanueva: The person hit the thumbs down,he or she is belong to evil,envy person, didn't like singing!!!!
Ze-LuJ: True talent
Arawyn Smith: Why was he green-
Samir Abadeer: 16:56 Simon kills her and us by his surprise - most moving moments , so GREAT when you realize your DREAM <3 woooow ....
Louie Cordero: 24:20 this bird love singing
Carol Gibson-Wilson: They all were fantastic.
Barken KPU: ❤️???
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