Space Ambient Mix 60 Starlight Passage by Stellardrone & Spacecraft - JediMaster

Support the Channel here: Spacecraft is the solo music project of Mumbai based producer Rishi Bhatia. Inspired by the heavens since early years, Rishi tries to express how he feels through his music. Usually producing ambient & space music, Rishi tries
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Alexi Longue-Épée: We all got our cosmos.
Everyone we meet are in our cosmos, as a planet, as a star, as a comet and much more. Dream and make your cosmos safe.
thyagohyperlight: PLAAY!
Spacecraft: Thank you for sharing! Hope you all enjoy this mix!
D T: ?? Thank you ?? My soul requires this. ??
Mona Barrie:

JediMaster: Welcome dear cosmic traveler! Before you decide you
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mixes, please make yourself familiar with the instructions below

I am not the author of the majority of mixes one can
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possibility to control the number and the length of the bespoken ads. All in
all, it is those music labels that make profit of the ads, which seem to
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Indeed, my channel does follow a partner program offered
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Nevertheless, the ads that work for me, are only located at the very beginning, as well as the
ending of the sets and only in those non copyrighted music mixes.
Personally, you can trust my word I would never allow ads
placement throughout any of my private mixes. My prime goal is to provide everyone
with various ways aiming at relaxation and meditation, without having you
disturbed in any way.

This is why I kindly ask you; next time before leaving
a comment in which you judge and assault me with music degradation, which
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