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Karthus E stops during the GA revival. What about Akshan...? ➤ Send me your rays here: ➤ Follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and Subreddit! ➤ Be a member/sponsor: I’m part of the official League Partner Program with Riot Games. You ca
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Zero Rykos: I love how he just plops to the ground after his E finished ?
Faillic: Why the hp decay at the beginning tho
Jichael Mackson: Remember when Darius release was one of our biggest problems? Those times were good times and we didn't know. Back then we didn't know how bad it can get.
Mark Luis: Akshan: Still moves while GA
Viego: I possessed him
shyboi evris: This bug doesn't work in Wild Rift. :l
Zestie: This is literally the reason why Samira was disabled in the LEC for a while
Aidan Weiss-Rice: I just realized, that's literally his hookshot swinging around a dead body
REYteo: but how did he die after that? WTF
Helen Ma: That is dragon soul
Hu Bob: working as intended
xscripto 2: that is just any channel ability with ga
juanjo gomez: It's not a bug, it's rigor mortis
ASH Nemo: can you interupt by standing in his way like normal?
Buff sylas: Buff sylas ?
Pete K.: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to login and show the ranked community that a 0/4 Akshan can still do something.

jk, of course.
Flynn Harrison: Ah, what a nice feature
Xaeoxic: I don't know how to explain it vandril, but I was in a game where I was just playing you know, I'm about to sneak out of a fight, but out of nowhere I get burned down for 2800 true damage by my team mates anivia's ultimate. Very odd. Not sure if you read comments often, but was wondering if you've seen that one before.
Why Me: How did he die to Kassadin tho
Kaleinyo: Hey vandiril, there is some "fun" interactions when akshan use his E in a wall.
Like in the base wall, between your base and your jungle.
Depending how you E, you can swing through wall, land in a wall, or just do a immobile swing.
Maybe these interactions can also work from created walls
my personal account: Ok, I understand that Akshan can shoot during GA and Zhonya

Now, my question is why is Akshan receiving the damage?
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