Nightcore BELIEVE - Gyuuki Nightcore

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Jamie Kim: oh..hi
Naila Tusifa: Amazing nightcore ??,good job ??.Nice music ??.
Ch-_-Louis: Nice song bro !
Bibu Rio: OMG you're so fast bro
Blank: are you flash at this point???
Tokan Nightcore: Beautiful work ???
Fantastic Nightcore ???
Perfect song ❤️?❤️
Adil Xan: Всем привет
Прикольная музыка
JulJausz: I thought the picture was a repaint of the meme with two wolves laughing at a third one in the middle
DJ MM: Awesome work nicely done ♥️????
Slithim Sethura: Well that was fast
ReR: Оооо новый nightcore, ещё и годный, LIKE однозначно
HyPHEN: Hey Gyuuki I am missing a pin, can you lend me one
Senpai 1976: I love this very much she is one of my favorite characters texas best girl
??????: Ye i realize that i can memorize more quickly when i listen to this nightcore. Btw you are so fast at NEFFEX songs, both love your and NEFFEX songs so much??
?Kayla Butler ?: ????
Anabella: ?
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