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They can do this all day Get ready to see Captain Carter and Steve Rogers in action in Marvel Studios\' What If...?, an Original Series, streaming in one week on Disneyus. ► Watch Marvel on Disney+: ► Subscribe to Marvel on YouTube: Follow Marvel on
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Joshua Serrano: how about the spider-man trailer ?
urgirlmerve: “I think I’m friends with him too” HAHAHAHAH LEGIT ME WHEN MY FRIEND DOES SOMETHING COOL
wiccan: Im so excited for wanda?
Tayeeb: I am really excited for this series. I am pretty sure the reachability in terms of storyline and characterisation will be mind blowing, since animation provides flexibility for more creative space/ thinking.
Ayush: When I watch this video my reaction is ?????
Nadal Wilson: Does Chris Evens Voice Steve Rogers? Or en other actor
Mariano Rey: "Friend" ouch!
J. Jonah Jameson: I wanted Spider-Man.........SPIDER-MAN!!! Give me more SPIDER-MAN!!!!
Mr. threshold: So cool!!
Rana Nawito: Is that Chris Evans?
Drag Star: What in evans !
Ian Alexander: What is great about this is that there is an actual historical precedent for needing small soldiers. Early era Soviet tanks like the T-55 had really small crew compartments. Thus drivers couldn't be over something like 5'6".

Without the more modern Tony Stark miniaturization, having a small guy like Steve allows for a smaller "crew compartment" and thus keeps the overall size/weight down.
Mohammed Innat: Well playing, Marvel ??
Mr Siracha: dam this animation looks better than Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse
"What in Evans (heavens)"
Valerie Rodriguez: Bucky: don’t do anything stupid until I get back
Steve: how can I, you’re taking all the stupid with you
Also Steve: ?
Jesus Barnes: This looks so good omfg
blue comic: I cannot wait for this show
MrBartman002: Post the spiderman trailer. NOW
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