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Jhon Chrysler Sam Tutaan: Yasuo: okay fine, I'll do it with myself
Anymore: Fine. I'll do it myself.
Spog Logs: Wait...that's illegal.
Arthur Helhorn: when your malph so shit
yasuo: fine I'll do it myself
enter a name: Wait there is no bug
Antikuka: I thought they can't make him any more broken but the community always finds their way
bishop25: wow that's so normal
julimal2002JhonBro: Okay but like in my dozens of US games as Yasuo I havent gotten Malphite's ult even once
Anventia: I played Ultimate Spellbook Neeko and I got Amumu R! Double stun!
Just Somebody: Why need a malphite on you're team when you can be the MALPHITE on your team?
?neffable: Malpsuo
Sanhan: Samira Amumu

I gave up on the mode after that
0x__2m: Yasuo with youne Ult too
Miguel: Can confirm that sucks to play against

Had 2 games today, one yasuo with malphite and the other with yone ult
kuro: yall should see amumu ult on kata
Chaoz Owl: Sooo regheeetoon
Long Nguy?n Thành: teemo with rengar util. when I click on an enemy champion. teemo just stood
Võ Hu?nh: Why does yasuo have mal ult ? I thought mal ult is not available in this gamemode ?
Simon Veneros: "Fine... I'll do it my self"
Haru Koopsf: 5 smites in this game mode when???
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