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Watch amazing dancers V Boys on France\'s Got Talent 2013. Check out their dancing skills in heels and the judge\'s reactions. What did you think about their dance audition?? Let us know in theents below... ▶︎ Watch more Got Talent Global videos: ▶︎ F
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Userx bw: Yeah, let's just promote this type of behavior and celebrate it. ?
Vicki Kyvrikosaios: Men wanting to exploit a woman’s essence … promoting oversexualization .. what a freakish show and those watching good luck with your souls
Shelly Cassidy: Awsome dancing in heels is hard way to go
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Honey beees K: Hi
gadwali geming: /4QKYTVuQLHs
gadwali geming: /4QKYTVuQLHs
scidav87: The need clothes
BRK SK: Kamma muji polite naa lippi kuthu buchi.
Susan Kaitukoff: Just gross. And zero talent to boot!!!
Romans 1!!!!!
onn zurr: omg..
MadhawStar: Very very enjoyfull dance#madhawstar
RIYAD XR: ?????
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