Animation made by raptor5120 check out my official site: raptor5120! *** Made with Blender 2.76 Sound effects: Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Music: \"Americana\" by Kevin MacLeod (ipetech) Licensed under Creativeons
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Trey Furrow: Is this Peleliu Island??
This Arobbry: 12/10 greatest LEGO war animation even though I’m extremely sick I love this
Alex Zvon: D day was in 6th June 1944
Sarah Miller: That was so cool man
Edy Nopriyanto: 2:53
Nick Busmente: Medal of honor pacific assault?? the first wwii game i ever played??
Fazbear Kid: How come the first scene reminds me of saving private ryan
Dashcount 1452: This is awesome
Hans Valenzuela: Soy el unico que habla español
Samuel stefanus l. Tobing: No problem raptor5120
sup_gamer #no haters allowed: I was going to go to the beach but my mom's boy friend is being a FUCK BAG COCK SUCKER
build bro: I hope this continues this was good
Jozek Piotrowski: 1944 please
raptor5120: Thank you for every comment guys! :)

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