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Watch all the best acts that made it thought to the SEMI FINALS on WEEK 13 on America\'s Got Talent 2021 (AGT). Check out all the new performers that WOWED Simon Cowell and the judges. What did you think about the auditions?? Let us know in theents below.
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All absolutely All are WoW ? awesome!!
People doing their Best!!!✨?✨????✨❤️❤️????✅✅
Tirna Warfield: Amazing beautiful Love Them All
Vijji3 Music: ??
Krystal Harwood: they should have never got rid of Klek!
zombies movies: vote for lea kyle ..she s very ....the winner !
Henryk: I've been watching America's Got Talent for many years.
I really like this show. Greetings to everyone from Germany .?✌️
Tasha Wood: Sorry, but with the young man, popsicle.. Simon held the card, it was white the first two takes from the camera then turned into a picture
Ventum Naturae: I was already wondering - why Simon didn't press the button, but finally (even if late) he always did it, as I would
bikhstir: Great singer !! But a little to dramatic on her performance. Less is more sometimes .
Isuri Ridmani: Wow
Moha YC: You can't tell me the fast changing dress girl isn't a demon magician but just a trick
Christina Bonacossa: I like 1achord, but not this performance.
Chris 1: No time stamps ?? it’s 2021 stop being lazy
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