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Sam Fisher: ????
Ivano Er Libanese: What a mess!
DDGX 28: Game still scks no matter if it's 30fps...
Redstone Tutorials Minecraft: Nice thats what i expected nice fps and better graphics
jesse omollo: Must you drive like a mad man?
W1llKi11edSnake07: All the texture streaming, asset streaming or world streaming is fixed by just using a SSD.
Max Scofield: Shit game
krzys ja: ps2 grafix
anthony fraga: is it getting worse?
hazi91: LOL, that pop-up.
Is there state of pandemic in the game as well, that everyone stayed at home?
SHD: PS5. I noticed, that camera in 3rd person is way smoother than in 1st person. It's good, I guess, but why they are not same? ??
Steven Seagul: This is soooo sad. The "city" is empty as hell, almost no people in the streets, and at max you only see 5 or 6 cars in the screen at once. WHAT.THE.HELL. ?
Domi: Stable 30 but that empty city... It hurts in eyes.
Grahame Ward: Quite simply it's too advanced for current gen consoles and should have exclusively been for the xbsx ps5 and PC.
Fabian Stalder: Would have preferred stable 20 fps and more detail...
YOEL _44: Little patches here and there will not make the cut, they really need to revamp their asset streaming system, FPSs are mostly stable at least.
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