WORLDS 2021 - Kshawaay

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Señor Navez: Banger
Odd Kensei: Feelsbad that the commentators have to call it "Red Bull Baron Powerplay" every time. They know every time they don't say it and just say "Baron buff", their sponsor is glaring at them from the corner with a pair of hedge clippers hanging over their mic cable.
Clocktothetick: I'm confused by this video? Like yeah they have sponsor's, when you decide to watch football or any other sport, do you just like... not notice they are also just used as glorified commercials
Lulu Banzai: lol to deep dive
Sergio León: why my adblock didn´t work on these ads? :c
TheKench: the end!!!! xD
ty for that kshaway. Just came back from work going to sleep soon, but u made me laugh very hard. fanatastic! ! ! ! love ur stuff <3
Dzibus Allmighty: I don't mind all those ads, but the hashtag for twitter is sponsored :/
lllGSMlll: just flexing my bronze icon, move along
Jhemz: wait there's a show behind those ads?
Cosmo Cupcake: That was really funny, but don't forget that without advertisements, there's tons of good content we would never have for free. This video for instance :) Love ya Kshaway, keep up the good work
L A S E R M A N: I hate capitalism
Yoda Tzuyu: Maybe in the quarterfinals there will only be Korea and China.
????? ???????: Whats wrong ? Enjoy our worlds precious capitalism
Sspectre: I mean, that’s just how regular sport events do things, why are you all so shocked?
TheXTrunner: Wow, so surprising to see a major sports event with ads, it's like, they never ever did something like that before with any other sport right?
too bad you: Riot sponsored by Raid shadow legend and raycon earbuds and Nord Vpn
Juan Pablo: 1 minuto só wtf
naked pötätö: The mythic item mastercard is extra annoying
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