Nightcore How&039;s It Supposed To Feel - Gyuuki Nightcore

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I am Solo: First like was mind , remember this or not
legend: ❤❤❤❤
Bruh: oh damn im early, this is why you should turn on notifications! nice song too!
Wizards of Mayhem : Wow this nightcore is awesome and thanks for sharing the great music and video! :-)
Alvin Kaizer: ooooooooh yeah the starting bass is dope ??love it gyuuki!
Anabella: ??
?????? ?????????: Wonderfully done ?
Code Line: I think there a lot reverberation, but it still nice)
Otaku 02: Asuka??
Christopher Sturm: AUSKA!
Hans Peter: nice
? ??????: Like?
Simply amazing. ??
Psycho Nightmare: i love it nya
•?•Naila Tussifa•?•: Amazing video ?✨??, keep up your amazing work and keep spirit ?.
TOXIC senpai: Awsome❤?
Jan Negrey: NEFFEX and Gyuuki Nightcore rocking as usual.
Lohkan143: 216 - 2!
How's It Supposed To Feel listening to amazing music made by amazing people an then made into an awesome nightcore by another great person
Neirumi Nightcore: So cool man ❤
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