KYOHEI SORITA – First Prize Winners&039; Concert 18th Chopin Competition, Warsaw - Chopin Institute

KYOHEI SORITA – First Prize Winners\' Concert (18th Chopinpetition, Warsaw) 21.10.2021 Sala Moniuszki Teatru Wielkiego – Opery Narodowej w Warszawie / Moniuszko Audytorium of the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera XVIII Międzynarodowy Konkurs Pianis
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??????: 本来の反田さんの音? 肩の荷がおりてのびのび?弾いてられます。???
Sukkyo Suh: 国籍不問感動 worldclass
Mike Oxmaul: He's wearing White Tie ?
Margaret Hansen: Bravíssimo, Sorita!! Sucess in your Career
?: 反田さんの演奏は、人間の技を遥かに超越しています❗️神とショパンのメッセンジャーとして平安と平和を素晴らしい音色で伝えています。✨✨?奇跡です。✨??
Mayumi Ishida: Bruce is of course wonderful.
I, however, prefer Mr. Sorita with Steinway….
I love his warm sound…
ernesthoven: The BEST concert piano orquesta, for me : Sorita
study map horse racing club: 反田さん✖️ファチオリもいいな。
???: I didn't know this piece before, but now it is one of my most favorite pieces because of Sorita 's performance!
That's it !
I'd like to hear his concerto once more, it was superb and outstanding?
???????: やっぱりファツィオリの音色はいいですね。反田さんは弘法筆を選ばず。ですね
??? ??: 音楽、音の一音一音心にスーッと入ってくる感覚が心地よく、ずっと聴いてしまいます。
Suzuking0807: 彼にはやはりスタインウェイが合っている
Charles Hahm: 언주에 자신감과 능숙함이 넘치네요. 정말 최고의 연주입니다.
Yesmsms: He said he’s changed his body among this two years with his physical trainer for this Chopin competition. He devoted everything for this. More than congratulation. You’re the best always. But take a rest!!!
Kelly Kim: wow his sound really suits well with fazioli!
???????: ピアノを弾くのが楽しくて、楽しくて、溢れる感動をまるで絵に表しているかのように!
Krystyna Collier: The best and winner in many people hearts and mind, the true jury of competition
Krystyna Collier: It is a complete mismatch of standards to put Sorita at same level with Garjev, 2nd prize, Schock to some of us, the unbiased jury
A Thomas: He played this Rond at the 2nd round with Steinway.
Someone mentioned that Fazioli has a crisp and clarity sound .
However I think that the high pitch sound is too strong comparing to Steinway .
It’s depends your preference but I think that original Chopin’s sound might be much warmer than today’s piano .
It’s interesting to listen how music feel different with between theses pianos .
co na: For me still, Kyohei is the best.
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