GTA The Trilogy The Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch Day 1 vs Patch 1.02 Framerate Test - Cycu1

Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition has just received the very firs patch fixing numerous issues. Has it also fived the game\'s performance? Let\'s check it out. For the Record. Nintendo Sitch versions has different Build versions than oth

Deathtrooper204: You got the title wrong, it's GTA The Trilogy The Defective Edition
GustavoCOD4: 30 fps in a 2002 game. What a shameful work by Rockstar.
LUKIII_E: Still Taillights no red light…
And yes, 30FPS are not well ?
ZGTH: Now they already patch fix, im appreciate R*
Psycho: jebać rockstara elo
Jesper Andersen: I still love the games..
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