PandaGirl 100X NEW Crypto NFT Rewards - Crypto Jogi

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BGMI TECH: Lets goo $PGIRL ?
Konstantin Zdravkov: PGIRL hodl to the moon!
Dragon boy: When can you get it if you don’t get the pre-sale
Aman Editz: Definitely going to get some Friday. Also do you have any catgirl nft?
gulshan sagar: I was on the whitelist and connected ready to go, the presale sold out in literally 15 seconds. I clicked buy as soon as it became available, unfortunately didn’t go through.
pak gamer: Too late for me, but thanks for putting that out there to let others know! Love you Jogi <3
Speed Racing Team: Great video brother, such a valuable information you gave..
JH BGM: Will the tokens bought on presale show in the wallet in the future? Because tokens are not showing so far.
Unfold Taste: It says claim tokens but I can’t click on it. Do I just wait?
cubic man ????: I’ll forever appreciate you for keeping to your promises you’re such a genuine jogi
AK Gamers: Thank god someone covered this best project I have been apart of
RishuOP: Solid project ,team is responding immediately in everything you need ,its a good investment, thanks jogi
CRAZY MRA: Good day bro, thank you for this information. Like always, very informative, we are very blessed to have you.
???? ???-??: No doubt about it...just got a few trillions and just waiting for this panda baby to hit the moon
Zisheel: Listen panda girl is going to be massive. I don’t mean to brag but I have 330trillion and I’m just waiting for broads in Atlanta. Panda panda panda.
ALONE B GAMING: I Love ❤️ Panda ? Girl ??
No Melonik: Panda Girl real gem! Pozdrawiam polskie community :)
Jair Harney: Amazing! I’m onboard!
SHAH JUNAID: Going to buy more
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