LEGO Pokemon in STAR WARS world? Why not! Watch this AWESOME and FUNNY short video. The Stormtrooper is trying to catch Pikachu!!! Subscribe,ent and rate! Find me on facebook, twitter and G+ ! Music: Kevin MacLeod (ipetech) Licensed under Creativeons
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Arjanator04: This is really cool
Michelle Esco: Bajaj assistantship yhuyyyyuyyyyyyyuuyyuuuuuuuudkh,,hxjsjzhicxjsuhudxhxdufuduxhduufhfufufhufuususudusudduduuufud VH yjth judging hhhhhhhffugrvg VC fyy IG rte try to tywwwetyuuiougfs

&-7---hi eeh he su
Kyle Sanjose: The only thing that is a problem with a game
Mister D.: You make great Lego video's!
GUNPROS: hatar er nu fack you bege
Jennifer Poole: Kawaii! <3
And hilariously awesome!! XD
These are some of my favorite fandoms.
Disney dino: My favorite parts are 0:22 and 0:49
????? ????: мне нравится пикачу
Rahmi Maftuhah: Mampes lo STAR WARS lo mau nangkep pikhacu milik orang malah lo yang ketangkep makannya jangan nangkep milik orang sana nyari sendiri bodooooooh
Thepetgetter gaming/metrochain257431: What is this you can't catch another person's pokemon or a human
Trevor Pate: Take him to the POKEMON CENTER, they've fixed far greater injuries.
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