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We were so impressed by the endless possibilities that Sugru has, that’s why we decided to show you another 3 excellent projects to organise your home space with Christmas touch! If you haven\'t see our latest video about 5 Amazing Life Hacks Using Sugru
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cloclo69530: Wow ! I have never thought to do this ! :)
Trebuh Nabruh: Idea with these hooks was best. This material looks realy interesting.
Nice recorded clips and montage of course :)
szynszylhero: 7 sekunda myślałem że to prezerwatywy. Super filmiki. Pozdrawiam
Valerie Edwards: such great IDEAS!
Cermy: Great way to making product placement. Good Job. Very helpful Video :)
Denasdc: She is gorgeous. Ages like wine
Constantin: Can I remove sugru when I dont need it anymore? (For example - kids grown, hooks aren't needed anymore - should I change my wordrobe or remove hooks?)
Foodlifehacks: Great job!
dopejunghoseok: I JUST LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!!
Aneesh See Yay: +Handimania she is most beautiful and innocent smile i ever seen. love you dear and merry christmas. a friend from India :-)
MakeupByDavi: i love your videos,by any chance would you mind checking out my channel i have some pretty funny content i also do makeup tutorials.
Nicole Lin: Hmmm.. how do u remove sugru then? will it leave a mark on the furnitures ?
Hadjira Muratovic: Amazing✌?️
Nenad Živaljevi?: Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about organizing your house room by room try Stiklind Fast Declutter Fixer (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got great success with it.
Georgia Kleyn: I love the ideas, I think they're great... but what if you're going on holiday and need to take your charger with you??
Karryn Liu: Love it! But is it easy to remove? (Want to make sure it's okay to use for a rental house)
laura pagan: Hello, very nice idea! Could you tell me the name of the artist about the plush toy into the bag? thank you.
anonymous: you stole those hacs from Dave hax bitch
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