No sew Sock Bunny Easter Craft Ideas #2 - TheChwytak

Watch our video tutorial to see instructions how to make a sock bunny without sewing. No needle, no pattern needed! Just one sock, bag of rice, ribbon, scissors, marker and you’ve got cute easter bunnies. You can add it into easter basket, use as home dec
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Eakub Hossain: Eakub like
Lujza Janoušková: Oooo it's very cute
Ainemistig Playlists: Is this machine washable? Will you ruin the craft if you use cotton stuffing instead of rice or grit?
No. Arts: I’m making this in school. I’m not joking
jijo susan: I did it .
It is perfect for Easter
pleiomourt: i did it it looks just like urs
Matt Preston: i love nice and easy crafts incloding this one
GuoxinZ.: When I filled it with rice it smelled DISGUSTING. It was a good prank though XD
Nirmala Bedika: You r great.
sathiya sri: Mam awesome really like ur hand made things
Nalla Kinz: Cute stop motion!
My Nguyen: I made it and my parents loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️????
fhknn ghhjj: Que conejo mas triste!!!! Le dibujo cara de pena, entre pena y que estuviera muerto!!! me gusto? Con una carita feliz se vería mas lindo.
Sia Vang: I will make sock bunny until I grow up.
Mia R: Yeah so this was a fail so.... Thanks?
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