The Limits of Physics Hard Enduro - Lachu

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brandon gardner: I'm 60 years old and still crazy on my ktm 250sx 2 stroke lol.
YEAH THE BOYS: i like the way edek says thanks
Marshall Brown: You guys are good friends you help each other out when there stuck or neecto get up a hill I like it keep it up
Flash PL: 3:55 gdzieś blisko drzewo tną
Landin Spurgeon: I wish you kept this bike
farhiind kiwil: ktm or yz, please
Mónica Badilla Chaves: wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
Motocross Enduro Drenica: /channel/UCmxzv8UzXgwfUyUNcnaBDLg
Ale Sau: 7:14 ueban :D
Alar Saidla: I love suomi
Bilbo Baggins: At the very end with the water crossing you can see how much better standing is opposed to siting.
Eu Mesmo: 1:14 What bike is this?
Michael: fun fun and more fun
BESTION SHOTY: 2:50 ta Góra to jest znak i tradycja tego kanału :D <3
Wszystko i Nic: Zajebisty filmik a mam pytanko jaka pojemność bety
Damian koksu: 8:09 Dab
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