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Setup: Thrustmaster T300 RS and Thrustmaster T LCM pedals mounted on Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2 Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter mounted on Wheel Stand Pro RGS Module upgrade Menu Music: Norihito Sumitomo Path Finder 0:00 Intro 0:04 Legend Cars 0:49

sito: Que configuracion de camara interior utilizas??
Coach: they need to update this sound other than that it's nice to see this car in gt7 comming from gt sport.
Manoa Ramanantsalama: doesnt sound nice
Forza fanboy: Yikes they downgraded the sound on This sounded much better in gt sport
Houki Chan: Seeing in driver's cockpit cam reminds me the old NFS II days.
Stephen Joey: Dear MotoGamesTV!
Can you tell me how did you set the chase cam? It looks so good
quality1mario: When it comes on GT7 @MotoGamesTV does it like no other. Topclass car showcase. Keep up the great work . Love it ?.
Abdulrehman Haroon: The gearshifts make it sound fake.
Olavo Fernandes: Sound nice with headphone on even in replay
Olavo Fernandes: 1:47 no custom wings missed oportunity to create the f50 gt ???? clearly polyphony digital has likes for the f40 more
Kubito: I was waiting so long for this car and it my fav Ferrari. Thanks man
Obli20v: Thanks for the quality videos. This one (and GT7) capture the magic of an old supercar perfectly ?
John Marston: Disappointed that they didn't include the F50 GT spoiler, when they actually added the LM spoiler for that F40.
Krzysztof M: Nice, nice, just teasing this baby up to do a proper hot lap.
Just 4 Da Laughters: What circuit is this? It looks beautiful
Jaymax: I had a choice between this and their 250 GTO on sale….I chose this and no regrets
BarryEssex: I waited for this legend.
Apostolos Ginnakidis: Ee im Team arbeiten bis zum Wochenende noch nicht mehr so viel Zeit für ein paar Bilder von der Firma in der Nähe von uns beiden sehr über ihre Bestellung wurde heute auf der Suche nach einem?/
mathew hyland: Is there any Aussie muscle on the game bro.
MotoGamesTV: Ferrari F50 Exhaust Upgrades: /watch?v=8b9Y_h59KUM
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