Nightcore Take Me Back - Gyuuki Nightcore

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shery Az-Zahra: Good
Kazuya Nightcore: Good to hear it i love this. Song ❤❤❤
Feeling the Music: Wonderful, I loved the music❤???
Dumke Nadine: Good Music
Emperor Alucard: So beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
OG Dragon: Very beautiful. ☺?
DJMM: Wow amazing job ???
Lohkan143: 433 - 1!
Take ME Back so I can listen to another one of your awesome Nightcore's
Darkfire Starfall: its so sad, yet so calming
i like it
it seems like a sort of lullaby someone might sing when they know they will not see another person again
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