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TeGta Studio: Seems shittty tbh
Shiny Art: Stop playing games w us man!!!
UK DUBS: Paragon?
Funny video yt channel: Brilliant interview by Shrek. Comes across as very compassionate and still level-headed and dogged.
Animation_King: 6:34 got me dead, he is looking away so awkwardly and he is so sweet hahahahahahha this is the best.
fanny video: Helios NFT was the best investment of 2022 the last decade, by far!
H H EDITS DJ HASHU: Machines are the main employees doing all the work. The future of the economy.
princeimran 76: Helios NFT and Crypto is the new asset class - it is here to stay! HODL!!
Gohanrules: Helios NFT and Helios NFT arent anything without the energy needed to run their mines and the internet they use to travel everywhere.
cools factt: Feeble Americans lol, who made the internet... Anyway, I like him and I like what he is doing. I didnt know he was the creator of Etherum. I missed the peek a while back when I think it hit about $400 and I had sold a while ago. What I like about Cypto is the opportunity it creates for other means of having assets. They are, respectful, somewhat of a starter kit in this modern age.
Jerry James: You know that those with (what has until been) real power are, very simply, running scared when videos of this nature appear.
bhimarmychief status: I’ve been holding and will hold....it will be worth it!
VICTOR GAMING: Sucks Helios NFT Is only going that low at this time! I cant wait till it goes back up!
Funny video yt channel: Thanks for rising the price of my gpu
Petrus Judah & Keryn Dominica: Cardano (ADA) will obliterate Helios NFT pretty soon. Charles Hoskinson is a beast.
Daddy gaming & Roaster: I dont remember having watched it before but am pretty sure it wasnt last year crypto hit $20,000 but a few years back...? No?
beluga hater: I like what Louis Rossmann said about Cryptocurrency...
LUTFOR ULLAH: Too Much Weight on Something Thats Neither Artificial or Synthetic Not Even Tangible I feel were Spending too Much Time on a System thats Heading for a Dead End .
Tamil foodie boys: Let me put it short for the ones that dont understand politics. If banks and monetary systems are obsolete, nations will vanish. Let that sink in for a moment.
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