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kaljahn Jordan: hi
Ali ahamadi: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
stayhappylittle mermaid: people need to start excepting that the past is the past and there's no then you can do to change it. yes people mess up but that life you live an u learn
Bench Capati: I LOVE COMEDY SO MUCH ?♥️
Amine Naitidir: Nice
Jebaro Maria: I like comedy. Good
?? ??: 笑えることは、最高に素晴らしく健康的でありますね!!・・・全世界抜群に広大ですね!素晴らしい地球市民に乾杯です。キッズたちから大人まで素晴らしき人々ですね!ありがとうございます。
Fera Goretti: kerenn banget, love you guyss ?
Miriam Denno: Very fun xxx
FaZe K9: cool video
Karen Baker: I love your channel
rok symfoniczny: Some of them are old show
Darkly: Amazing
JSoldier UK: It was that couple from tikok in the crowd
singleded30: The British are a hoot.
Pakmi Lolly: Need latest show ...thankyou
Land and Life: Their performances are best with their comedy.
Michael Jorden: They were all good, but I don't think any were golden buzzer worthy
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