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Doctor Strange faces off against a multiverse of Champions, but he doesn’t stand alone!ay as your favorite Variants in Marvel Contest of Champions and take on the next big threat. ► Watch Marvel on Disney+: ► Subscribe to Marvel on YouTube: Follow Mar

ANONYMOUS: After doctor strange 2 i boycott MARVEL STUDIOS,i am sorry?
LEarnitEasy: Better story than movie.
LUCIFER SONI Gaming: Where's the moon knight season 2
LUCIFER SONI Gaming: I am waiting
SHAHNAWAZ ZONE FF: Plese iron man ko vapas lao
SHAHNAWAZ ZONE FF: iron man lave you 3000 times
Hirza Ahmad Mutahari: Sorry for nit picking, but kabam did wanda dirty with that design
Siddharth Sharma: Hey marvel if you are reading this comment when will an indian superhero come our neighbours got their own heroes now government has alo reduced restrictions on foreign shooting in india we need indian superhero please from all india btw love you marvel 3000 ❤️
Sanatan Kumar: It should be in next movies
marcelano ryadi: Everyone gangsta until Scarlet Witch show up
Avas Dasgupta #3: This has more dr strange than multiverse of madness
????? ??????: Ye wala scene Docter Strange 2 movie se Kat diyatha kya ????? Yehi chese movie me dikhadete to to maza ajata !!!!
Vaibshuk: Dr. Strange vs kathon ❤️❤️
Meet Padwal: Everyone gangsta until Wanda comes in
pm.explainer: Ye sab kuch.. Movie me hona chahiye tha . Tb.. Asli multiverse me majah ata
Eren GOD Yeager: This is so much better than the movie
Muhammad Muhtam Amalana: This game trailer is much better than the movie
ÀSHÍSH: BGM.... Indian vibes ??
LISSA-? ?**?? ?? - ????? ?? ???????: You guys should do a reskin of Doctor Strange for this game, to make him look like in the movies, at least his abilities
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