FAILS Compilation || December 2016 || MonthlyFails - Pan Śmietanka

Hi all! Enjoy this new failspilation of December 2016. Featuring some epic facant fails, luxury Bentley crash and much more in this crazy fail videospilation. Stay tuned for more, cheers! SUBSCRIBE here for more Fails ► Share ► Tweet this vid ► Share o
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????? ???????: ههههههههههه
Psyrus: AKA why I'm glad to live in America.
Deyner Padilla: Ja jaja ja ja ja ja
Asaib Abd: لطشو الحبل عوجهو متل الكف ياغافل الك الله ? 0:48
John Summers: It doesn't matter where you're from, we all laugh when people do stupid shit.
CHIl: มีแต่คลิปไทย สาสส
????????: Hahaha กุฮา wwww
???????? ???????: คลิป thailand
BEST combos: Hahaha really Awesome
Michal Walendzik: Very nice ha ha ha.
Luis Miguel Guillen Guillen: El del costal de seguro es de chiapas pir pendejo.?????????
Pascual Villalobos: Chiiiiiiiiii
Juben: Don't break your hip bones by such acts people
The House that Jack Built: Dirty mothetfuckers
Raghav Raghu: Dt Gun Man ?
Joel lyons: Thank god for cheap camera phones watching these people fail has brought happieness to my day! From the usa yal keep the dumb stuff going its the best
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