America&039;s Got Talent 2022 Week 3 Auditions! - Top Viral Talent

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Kyzan: I loved it tysm for the smiles and I'm live,pls heart this comment.
SOUL TUNES: Nicky and Bella what a display. I nearly called the corps over here ????
SOUL TUNES: WOW Nicky and Bella freaked me out lol??
lil xenos: ??
Kai Meyers: I love Sara James she’s amazing ?
SOUL TUNES: Simon cowell was shocked ??
Marcia Gaspar Vieira: UAUUIUUU SHOWWW TOPPP LINDAS ????????????????????❤
Marcia Gaspar Vieira: DEMAISSSSSSS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤
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