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the BOOGEYMAN: 1st
Itana: 2nd from Holland ??Sarah ✅?❤️ wonderful voice and performance ? golden buzzer from Simon
Lori Roth: She’s beautiful and totally! Awesome! ?❤️
Lori Roth: Congrats! ???
Cdr Produções: ??????VERY GOOD! ??????
Itana: Second contestant ??? Disliked it 100%
Lori Roth: She was totally shocking at first, but then ok.
Shannon Moe: Her voice is so good
Ivone Silva: Uau q linda apresentação ?????
?????? ???????????: ☆☆☆☆☆
Julie Hartley: I love you Simon!!!!
59kicki: I'm wondering how a human deaf from birth, the comedian girl, got to talk so well? Usually they have speech impermanence if so, or??
Mary Kariotakis: Sarah is absolutely a fantastic singer for 13!! She is also both beautiful on the outside and on the inside!! God Bless her!!
Wing Tesoro: Quite good.
Mary Kariotakis: Sorry second one sounds SOO demonic she is scary!! She needs to a Priest to remove the Demon inside of her!!!?‍?
Tim Ellingson: Simon is simply SLOW...and rude. Obviously NOT an entertainer.
Patty Zotelo: OMG. So beautiful voz. ????????????????❤
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