Assetto Corsa Competizione vs Gran Turismo 7 Mercedes AMG GT3 at Watkins Glen - MotoGamesTV

0:00 Intro 0:04 Cockpit Gamay 1:58 Chase cam Gamay 3:47 Ray 5:37 Outro Assetto Corsapetizioneayed on PC (Epic settings, 2160p) Gran Turismo 7ayed onayStation 5 (Prioritise Frame Rate mode) Assetto Corsapetizione Session Start Time: 9.00AM GT7

JAG LeMans: Both look and sound really good. PD did a great job modelling Watkins Glen.
Chaseboy: While they both sound the same cockpit wise, exterior wise Assetto Corsa sounds more realistic then GT7
Andrea DS: 2 great games, i had a lot of fun with both of em, but in my opinion gt7 is more fun to play. Graphics and number of cars makes it better and the attention to details is something that blows my mind every time i play it
KGORE: Please Turn the volume for Engine and Transmission sound all the way up on GT7 Then redo the video.
Danny Scott: ACC ?
john doe: the whine in assetto is so annoying
George Jakob: Both look fantastic but men the AMG sounds so bad in GT7..
Igna More: I love Acc but dlcs are expensive ?
CP Cornal: I would like to have a gaming pc or a ps console to test them, both looks awesome.
XLiqpe7even: Well, GT7 lookes better for real, but ACC sounds better in the interior and exterior
Francesco: Gran turismo 7 looks particularly beautiful in watkings glen
Jozef Maluniak: GT7 >>> Assetto
Brownninja97: I'll never understand why GT make the interior so bloody dark
The other "No" dude: GT7 is just missing that sound of debris kicking up underneath the floor of the car as well as the aggressive growl from the engine.

Doesn’t take away the fact that both games are still amazing
ES Player: This AMG is good in any game ❤️ ?
RTV the Cosmic King: Woah! The sound and depth perception of GT7 during a replay is top notch! If only it had the engine sound of ACC with the depth perception of GT7..
neto souza: I like the fact that GT7 is simcade and not a simulator, I respect those who like it, but I don't find simulators fun
Abner Ramos: Gran turismo 7. The cars looks more real the glitter on the paints shimmers the gráfics are spectacular i am a players gran turismo 7 of and i recommend it is the best....
Shakengandulf: Both look incredible, give ACC the edge with sounds. Which compliments GT aswell because the sound has come a long way.
PianoPlayer: Another video with misrepresented GT trackside.... keep it up!
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