The Crew 2 PS5 4K Resolution Mode Gameplay | PS5 Patch - Cycu1

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Jamie Robert: 4k 30 smh
Norbert Mniszko: I don't know why, but i don't see any difference between PS4 and PS5 (I played both version)
Wolik: The update sucks 4k30 for what looks like to be medium and high settings at best and 1080p 60 for performance at medium for sure or even lower + taa is blurry as fuck even at 4k it is blurry
Jidada: Man… The new update looks shit on PS5 …

Guess I’ll uninstall it again..
Fabio Vidal: 60fps??
Micheal Adebz: The crew engine is so unbelievably laughably bad how can u have the ps5 doing raytracing 4K 60 or 120fps In games like dmc 5 but in the crew 2 it’s a dynamic 1080p just for 60fps A DYNAMIC 1080p LIKE ITS 2022 WTF. Because of this you’ll see the series X and ps5 which is consider to be between an rtx 2070 to 2070 super or 3060ti with their zen 2 cpus going down to 720p. What a huge joke.
DutchQQQ: The ps5 patch is trash very disappointed and the fuzz is all over the place what a joke
maikiavel: Native version?
Smooth Clixpz: Anyone know if the ps4 pro got an update too ?
?out: Very bad graphics in performance mode
A. R. DOD: This game looks like shit and it performs like shit..
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