Best Got Talent MAGIC Auditions 2022 - Top Viral Talent

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TopNorch: Indeed this is a top talent
TopNorch: Indeed this is a top talent
Charlene Christian Bostic: Howdy folks
???? ??????: ?????
mumi: what if all the papers said love lmfao
Hana Tichy: Different people that’s it.
Unique Vidhan: Love from india ??
Nuwe Syrus: The kid was so knowledgeable
bad boy83: Omg the last guy is so freaking good! Simple energetic colourful and so funny! He made my day . Love him?
Debi A H: That was creepy. I wont watch that creepy guy again, or anyone like him.
Eimai: unbelievable ?
Asterix: The kid.its was Love writen on every note
Megatr0_on Kngu: YO…! the kid with the red shirt was nice BUT ALL OF the papers had the word love… lol
Tania Lima: ?❤️
Jaw-waad Wesso: Amanda is so beautiful
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