Marvel&039;s Spider Man PC RTX 3080 1440p Ultra Ray Tracing ON Framerate Test DLSS / AMD FSR 2.0 / IGTI - Cycu1

Marvel\'s Spider Man PC RTX 3080 4K Ultra Ray Tracing OFF Frame Rate Test DLSS vs AMD FSR 2.0 vs IGTI (Insomniac Games Temporal Injection) Benchmark / FPS Test Timestamps Upscale OFF / Dynamic Resolution OFF 00:00 Upscale OFF / Dynamic Resolution ON

Sam Fisher: Amazing game
Sam Fisher: ????
Sam Fisher: ????????
Sam Fisher: ????????????????????????????
Jorge Alarcon: This game at max settings using between 50 and 67% of the threads from a 3900X... It really goes hard on the CPU.

12-16 thread is no joke.
Gravity Master: This game is heavily CPU bound at ray tracing max. Try lower the ray tracing settings and see if performance will go better.
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