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Music: Kevin MacLeod Rains Will Fall Kevin MacLeod Lightless Dawn Kevin MacLeod Sovereign Kevin MacLeod ~ The Dread Outro: ...
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UraniummasterX76 L: Withered toy chica
Wolfie Izzy: JJ sounds so...


Jaden Tabuso: Purple Freddy He Got Super Power!?!
SpringBonnie The Bunny: When I Escape It Could Kill Phantoms? What Kinda Of Sense is that?
Ryen Williams: This video was so awesome
Manda Donahue: (Mike) what’s that who’s there Am i going crazy pause fan Scan vent How long is this taking!?!?!?
Diego Vaal: Make more please
stephen gabriel morales: Hey Springtrap is Purple guy watch the die in the fire song the fnaf song
Smackinurbudder: Spring trap is purple guy
Crashfan: Merci d'avoir penser à mettre des sous-titres anglais ET français, je comprends à peu près l'anglais mais pas tout alors merci beaucoup :)
Ashley Bolyard: Now that is happening to the
Diana Velinova: I love fantem foxy
Sick Drib: I heard toy Freddy say toy chaica instead of toy Chica xD
Eli Yaj: There are no doors in fazbear fright
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