10 ridiculous LOW IQ MOMENTS! CS:GO BEST ODDSHOTS 618 - Counter Strike Proland

This episode will show you 10 ridiculous low 0 iq csgo funny moments! CHECK OUT with code: CSPROLAND ⚡️ SEND YOUR CLIP/VIDEO HERE: In this video you will see top 10 ridiculous low iq moments in csgo and a lot of funny moments in csgo! These csgo highli

neec: 4:40 that dude got a fuckin 12 day cooldown? i didnt know they lasted that long
Jamshid Ismailov: Damn really glad that you are doing all these videos for us. With all these good gifts. Thank you PROLAAAAAAAAAAAAAN❤❤❤❤
?????-Dragon?: Super film jak zwykle Dobra ta akcja z granatem na początku
Logic_Try0: You are making the best videos much love❤
Stephan Marais: My mouse is broken??
zEnP3x: Care for "Ninja" ????? i cant stop laughing ?????
Kskws: I fell like watching my brother plays
Aresi: nice one
Edward: 1:23 noname, game of life.
-KBR-: Najlepszy kanał od sklejek cs!!
Nigdy nie wygrałem więc może teraz się uda :/
Edward: 9:44 Horse Face, game of life.
Biak Lian: 10:29 No one gonna talk about the Ape in the background??
SparX: 5:50 that's sus
?????? ?????: Nice video,epic moments
tomskaz: amazing video!
Barry zueiro: /watch?v=pUvdJiT8cls Look this 1 vs 2
Wrongly: ?
Özgür Berk: how did that guy with shotgun got 12 days cooldown guys i thought the longest one was 7 days
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U84KvczrCc