No Vahlen to stop me | XCOM 2 WotC Modded 2022 | Part 14 - Marbozir

Playing a brand new 2 campaign with Covert Infiltration mod (and many others 170 mods in total), which overhauls the strategy layer and mission mechanics.aying on Legend difficulty (obviously!). This 2 campaign is YouTube only. Enjoyed the video? Leav

Cristiano Carvalho: Hype
Walter Verlaan: That was a good one.
Miso Bear: Risky and crazy strats that's what i like to see
stars n muffins: ava saw saitani hit those clutch shotgun shots and decided to become the highlight of the episode at any cost... Any Cost.
DeludedOne: Reasons why Vahlen needs to return in X Com 3: This clip.

4:04 Skipped right over 2nd Lieutenant too.

16:33 You could just hit the sectoid, and if it is not dead, use parry right beside it, then the trooper will be baited to shoot Varazir and the sectoid will die from bladestorm next turn. Though that would have triggered the unseen pod.
tscchope: Memo to Bradford: Have the quartermaster find Bob some trousers and a shirt.
DerAva: I mean, I do like a good running gag, just not sure if I wanna be at the center of it
Dinner-fork tongue: Of course it's not a Flawless because one derp whiffed with less than 10% miss chance. Wouldn't be XCOM without that, would it?

But hey, promotions! And finally a mid-tier officer in the ranks. Congrats, Devalish.
Molnar Gabor: Still love the serie, hovering over tooltips just 0.5 sec longer would be great sometimes, especially during promotions. One Full extra second hover time would be my dream :)

-Marbozir won't be able to build relay towers until researches it, so no cheaper contact for less intel and CAN'T TARGET the Avatar sites of any contacted region, until relay build upon. There are other means of course, to attack temporarly, preferable those that are far away.

-That +1 dmg to conventional weapons means ALL normal weapons damage equals the magentic ones (and some magnetic variations not even yet researched). Also sometimes this +1 damage works on resistance soldiers as well when they are present at the battlefield.
To decide which group I need better relationship with I always priotise those I have excellent card with, saving general slot. Of course region contacts needed to meet those Chosens that are target of those missions.

Those who don't know:
-Dark event "Vigilance": Increases detection radii of all enemies. (the dark event "High Alert" sounds similar because Vigilance uses same wording in description "The Aliens are on high alert, making it harder for XCOM to catch them unaware.", but this one cause to not start missions with concealed team, so this is a different one). Faction hero needed with good sneaking skills! :)
EmodChannelClassics: "you wouldn't do that to me would you?" trollface
stukov: Is there not a mod to remove the voice line; "Is it clear?"?
Sands: And the planet is a safer place tonight because of the brave men and women of X-com...Story at eleven.
DN Nivas: Ep 14..Woohooo
Smugs: I'm not sure if you're not using the Templar to run in, melee attack, parry, kill with bladestorm because it's too much cheese, or if it's a tactical choice. If it's tactical, can you explain why? For that turn with the sectoid and trooper alive, I'd have likely left Varosir in the open, next to the sectoid, and parried, which would have killed the sectoid and almost certainly drawn the fire of the trooper. Interested to hear why you would do things differently. If it's just because it's too much cheese, I respect that completely.
Miguel Marquez: 18:30 why you have to be like this?!!
komandor Tarkin: Hmm. i wonder if Tarkin would be mind controlled again :P any bets?
Pegwin: Heck of a thumbnail Marbs ?
NapalmKid: You know, you called it with the RNG hi-ground crit.
Matthew Gross (Matt): Advent Burger? o_O
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