PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 The Marshes and The Mansion PSX Redone - Martinoz

PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 and The Marshes with Mansion Redone for Doom II Hell On Earth by Kan3 on Man And A Half Difficulty level, Chaotic Random Spawn Preset. Project Brutality 3.0 is an uing version of one of the best available mods for the classic Doom

WiredNet: It's always a good day when I get to watch a new video of yours. Thanks!
Centurion: Insane level design
Ernande Libanio: I liked this phase and a mod from the PSX version called MT EREBUS I recognized because of the ambient sound.
Kotyr4ik: Сделай гайд по Слейду3
Martinoz: Both maps made by Kan3 (known for the Declaring New Apocalypse WAD that has a total of 10+ maps with custom monsters and weapons) are short but demanding experience for a new player. Levels can be also quite surprising if you play them for a first time, mostly because imagine launching a first map and then suddenly, out of nowhere... you hear a Cyberdemon behind you. Yep, in the Marshes level you might be blasted by a Cyberdemon rocket in the first seconds, once you wake up this big bad boy, immediately run away outside because no chance to survive in a really small room. Once outside move to your right and you will notice a small grave, move there and pick up the Chainsaw with some armor, return and you will be greeted by few Zombies plus the Nightmare Imps (invincible custom enemies). Everytime on this map you trigger something or reach, more monsters are about to come, this level loves to troll you with enemies and do not forget about Cyberdemon because eventually you will have to take it down. In the next map called The Mansion things are even more crazy, the beginning of the level is several Zombies around plus the Pain Elemental (in my case it was a really bad meeting with Overlord who can simply devour you). Once you take care of these multiple bad fellas, jump and pick up the blue skull key and move to the long corridor with some enemies around - hint hint, to your left is a blue torch that once used it reveals a secret with Chainsaw. Fight your way through and watch out for the traps with fake walls revealing more enemies, this map also features some puzzles - a flashlight addon is handy while playing this level, not gonna lie it's really dark in here. One of the pillars with a yellow skull key features a really needed BFG spawn that will surely help you a lot while playing, especially when you have to take care of Cyberdemon and multiple high tier monsters.
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