20 really STRANGE MOMENTS! CS:GO BEST ODDSHOTS 621 - Counter Strike Proland

Did you ever wonder how really strange moments in csgo looks like? Top 20 strange CS moments! CHECK OUT with code: CSPROLAND ⚡️ SEND YOUR CLIP/VIDEO HERE: In this video you will see 20 really strange moments in csgo! These are really funny csgo moments

1?????: After your video i will have better night
Keiki 1999: Sheeeesh another one
Kemal Bahrami: 6:45 i died laughibg?
AspiR OneLove: like you
niapiK: wleciał odcineczek w sam raz na wieczór :D
Celal Efehan: Thanks for reading the comments bro ??
Darkz Knight: i knew it! iwas not crazy at all when times i am seeing floating weapons and invisible enemies. haha
Kraska: Great content, keep it up
vic080602 m: Comment*
Zijad: Noce vid
ImDepression: Nice bomb placement
evemir: One day I will be in one of your vid!
Benedict Louis: nice stuff dude
csgoVINTAGE: What is that bomb glitch haha
Daniels Jirgensons: actually after last updates, I have a lot of times when players pops up or glitch before they showed up ?
20100lude92: LETS GO!!!!! keep em kumin
Gaming By Daylight: Hi
Mete Akdemir: gv
lopSIDED cs: Don't know how I missed this one ?
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo2s5zPSTmw